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I am happy to recommend Willow on my personal experience. Mr Alan Gray - Hyundai i Superb service from David, great job! Trevor Gorman - Volvo S Two cars leased, two very happy customers! Never met David but I love him! Some hiccups along the way, some down to me , private plate, insurance, delivery but all dealt with professionally and ultra efficiently by David. Went totally above and beyond, even offering to drive me and my dad to a concert at the arena!

Would certainly use again.. Thankyou so much.. Will recommend to all we know. Fantastic, efficient and professional service. My allocated broker, David Jenkins, has been most helpful and listened to what i really wanted and within what timeframe. I am very pleased and wished I had found them sooner. I would highly recommend this service against any other leasing providers.

Fantastic service - smooth and painless. Willow Leasing were able to provide the best quotation and terms for the car I was looking for. Professional and smooth from start to finish with good communication regarding updates with my vehicle. Would not hesitate to use again and looking forward to leasing my next car with Willow Leasing. John Morton - Audi A5 Coupe.

Great service Total professional honest person from start to end. Always keeps you updated with progress. Would definitely recommend. Ash Mathew - Audi A5 Coupe. Amazing service always kept us posted and helpful. I couldn't thank David enough. Special Offers. Top Deal. Volvo XC60 2. The finance company will have their own policies to cover a loss on the vehicle but this does not cover your use of it. If there is vehicle damage it is recommended that you contact your vehicle insurance company to notify them. Even if you pay for the repair of any damage yourself it is important to be covered in case another party makes a claim against you.

A crucial difference with a lease vehicle is that the leasing company will want any repairs to be carried out by a repair specialist approved by them, and a failure to do so may cause you significant problems. If repairs are required it is recommended that you put your insurance company in touch with the leasing company so that they can communicate with each other. If you have a PCH then the registered keeper, and legal owner, of the car is the finance company responsible for providing the lease.

In simple terms the finance house has purchased the car and is hiring it to you, so their name is the one that appears on all the important paperwork. This is important, because when you arrange your car insurance it is crucial that you inform your provider that you are not the legal owner or registered keeper. Tthis may also have a negative effect on your premium, so be sure to shop around.

Another factor to keep in mind is that any parking tickets or speeding fines that are generated may be sent to the registered keeper, and how this is then delt with depends on the individual company, so be sure to read the small print.

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Some leasing companies will pay the fine as soon as it arrives and then invoice you, with an administration fee added on top. If the vehicle is declared as a total loss by your insurance company then you are liable for the value of the car at the time of it being written off. This is because the leasing company do not have insurance to cover the loss of the vehicle. While it is in your custody during the loan period you are required to insure the car, so a total loss means you are required to cover that loss.

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The payout from your insurance company will cover some or all of the total amount outstanding, but in the event that it is less this amount you will be liable for the difference. In these circumstances GAP insurance would cover you for this difference, so it is something you may wish to consider before taking up a PCH lease. Unlike a PCP where there is the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the term, a PCH is strictly a lease, and so there is no option to buy.

At the end of the term the vehicle is returned to the leasing company for resale, and therefore it has to meet the mileage and condition criteria that were given at the start of the agreement. Failure to meet these criteria will mean paying additional penalties.

It is possible to end a PCH early, but because of the way in which lease cars are funded it is not simply a case of returning the vehicle and walking away. If you are having financial difficulties and struggling to meet your monthly payments, your first course of action should be to contacting the leasing company and explain the situation.

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They may be able to assist you by re-arranging the terms of your agreement and lowering your monthly payment. If this option is not available or you are determined to end the agreement early, what happens next depends on the leasing company and the terms of your agreement, but you will be liable for a proportion of the remaining monthly hire costs - anything from 50 per cent to per cent. This process is called early termination, and individual leasing companies will have different ways of calculating the early termination fee as well as determining your eligibility.

The reason for this is because the vast majority of lease vehicles are purchased by the finance provider in order to provide the vehicle for your use, and your monthly payment is calculated on the calculated cost of the vehicle use and its depreciation during the hire period.

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Unless the vehicle can be sold at a price which clears the remaining finance and more, the leasing company will lose money on the deal - hence the result is usually a requirement for you to pay early termination fees. The short answer is a simple no. Even if it happens to be the best car you have ever driven, no amount of begging or pleading will allow you to buy it. If you are super-keen you may be able to find out where the car will be re-sold, as the lease company is likely to have an established sell-on route for vehicles that come to the end of their lease period, but there are no guarantees this information will be available.

You pay a deposit and have a fixed monthly payment over the length of the agreement. However, at the end of the agreement, there are no options - the vehicle must be returned. You can still walk away completely or start a new agreement, but you cannot purchase the vehicle. It is a leased vehicle - you are not purchasing it. PCH gives you the ability to change your car frequently. Some providers offer agreements of 12 months or less, so you can swap into a different car on a regular basis if that appeals.

Choosing PCH also takes away many of the hassles of car ownership, particularly if you take up an agreement that includes a maintenance package. That means you will not have to pay for servicing or road tax, which can also help if having a fixed monthly cost is important to you. As with a PCP, a PCH will come with restrictions over the mileage you can cover as well as a commitment to keep the vehicle within fair wear and tear guidelines.

As this is a rental rather than a deal with the option to purchase, failure to abide by these restrictions will result in an additional cost to you. A PCH deal will also have a clause that requires you to pay an exit fee if you choose to end the agreement early, and it may also cost you more than a competitive Hire Purchase deal depending on your term.

Like a loan or credit card application, a PCH requires a credit check.