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Without net neutrality, I think you'd find competitors to the standard cable TV services degraded by the cable ISPs on which they depend. So between new entrants, and smart regulation preventing incumbents from squashing the new entrants, it looks like we're on the way to having a decent competitive multichannel TV market in this country—something we still can't say about broadband.

It's Still About Fixing Broadband The ultimate punchline about over-the-top TV service is that you're still going to have to subscribe to your cable provider, because, most likely, you don't have any other option for Internet fast enough to provide the OTT TV service. What became clear in the Comcast-TWC merger is that we shouldn't look at these companies as "cable companies," but rather as "high speed Internet providers.

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It's so complicated and expensive to lay the physical pipes needed to supply the dozens of gigs per month that American homes want, any competition is going to be very slow in coming. Wireless carriers can't do it—they don't have enough capacity. Cable overbuilders like RCN have sorta-kinda tried for decades and not gotten very far.

DSL is slow. Verizon gave up on expanding FiOS. Google is trying, but it's slow going. And the ISP industry has been pretty successful at barring many cities and towns from setting up their own networks. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is setting a high bar for this merger: he wants TWC and Charter to show not merely how it won't hurt people, but how "American consumers would benefit if the deal were to be approved.

It's just like with Comcast-TWC: the merger of a couple of widely disliked regional monopolies into a larger regional monopoly typically doesn't have any positive outcomes for anyone except the monopoly's shareholders. We should expect Time Warner Cable to lay down the same line of nonsense that Comcast did last year, claiming that there's a competitive broadband market in America.

As study after study has shown and the FCC chairman has emphasized , there simply isn't. The conditions around any major broadband merger in this country—and yes, that includes cell phone networks—have to address how to make the broadband market more competitive. I've heard a bunch of theories for how to do this, and they all sound worth a try. The right-wing approach involves clear-cutting local regulations to make it much cheaper and easier to build towers and lay cable. The left-wing approach involves encouraging municipal broadband as a competitor.

The cellular-inspired approach involves encouraging or mandating virtual operators piggybacking on the existing physical network to increase competition, like TracFone has done very successfully. In any case, our current broadband monopolies shouldn't hold. If Wheeler wants consumers to benefit, we need to hear some conditions to help encourage competition. When the FCC comment period opens, that's what we should focus on. Has iPhone Growth Reached its Peak?

He's the head of our Fastest Mobile Networks project, hosts our One Cool Thing daily Web show, and writes opinions on tech and society. User Supergrant found a fix: "For those getting the authentication error, disable all browser extensions. I am not sure which one was causing the issue, but after disabling them all it worked the first time. You are logging in via a TV or Digitial provider, not doing a free trial. Who's Eligible? If you subscribe to any brand of Spectrum internet, doesn't hurt to see if you can sign into Epix via your provider.

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If you agree, why not thank pippypoppy? Quote from Jman :. Last edited by pippypoppy September 14, at AM. L3: Novice. Log in with your cable providers login. What did I just buy?! If you agree, why not thank hapollo? Quote from pippypoppy :. Quote from hapollo :. L6: Expert.

Getting authentication error. Trying to activate epix on roku with the activation code shown on tv. L4: Apprentice. So Epix is not an "on demand' service like Amazon or Netflix, right? In other words, they have a fixed schedule and you tune in at the correct time in their programming schedule to watch the movie.

BTW, did not know Epix was free with Spectrum.

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