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The tradition of Boxing Day dates back to the Middle Ages.

On Dec. Corporations would slash the prices on items post-holiday and stores would offer door buster sales to early birds ready to shop.

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Luckily, we get to reap the rewards of their generosity. Right now all Christmas-related goodies on Lush's website and in stores are buy one, get one free. If your skin has taken a dry and flaky beating from the ever-changing but always brutal winter weather, then you can stock up on body lotions for half the original cost.


Whether your poison is bath bombs or bath melts, there's really something for everyone this year. The sale began on Dec. Many of the most popular holiday items have already sold out on the Lush website. Luckily, numerous shower gels and sparkle jars are still in stock. To participate in the sale, all you need to do is visit the Lush site, select any qualifying BOGO product they are all clearly marked , select a second qualifying product of equal or lesser value, then head to check out.

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You can purchase up to 40 different items, but remember, Lush products are on the more organic side and contain mostly natural preservatives as opposed to synthetic preservatives. The average shelf-life of a Lush product is a little over a year, so if you don't think you'll use your entire haul in the next days, then take some items out of your cart. Of course, if you're searching for that elusive bath bomb that's sold out on the site, visit a Lush store in person.

My personal tip: visit a store off the beaten path aka on a less frequented street or in a less populated shopping mall. This is an acid-base reaction that involves conversion of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate to sodium citrate and carbon dioxide :. The other ingredients in bath bombs can vary considerably.

However, most have scented ingredients as well as dye to impart a pleasant fragrance and color to bathwater.

The Bath Bomb — Instagram’s Favorite Bathing Toy — Explained

Lathering agents, such as sodium lauryl sulfate , are also often added to create bubble foams. Bath bombs are generally spherical but can be found in a variety of shapes, such as tablets or lumps.

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Shops offer a wide range of bombs, but they can also be made at home. Some companies use bath bomb machines to increase their bath bomb production rates.

These machines can make up to hundreds of bath bombs per hour. Although bath bombs are well-tolerated by many people, some additives such as fragrances and dyes can cause irritation. Common skin irritants and allergens found in bath bombs include limonene , linalool and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Lush Cosmetics Is Launching 54 New Bath Bombs, and I Want Them All

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the bombings in Bath Township, Michigan, see Bath bombings. Retrieved Scientific American.