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I had no idea! What the hell? Hai Hai Alma Guzman. Atlanta has lemon pepper wings; Philly has the cheesesteak; NYC has its floppy pizza slices. They have the incredible culinary flexibility of fried chicken wings, the portability of L. They can be paired with just about anything, or enjoyed solo in all of their beige glory. The first cream cheese wonton reference we could find was in a edition of the Star Tribune, in a coupon for two free wontons with a takeout order from a now-defunct mom-and-pop place.

Wontons seem to have gained popularity in buffets before making the leap to takeout menus and finally to fast food. At the elegant new Lat14 in Golden Valley, a cream cheese wonton is provided with each lunch plate, a nod to their placement as an extra in Chinese-American lunch specials. Lat 14 Alma Guzman. Most cream cheese wontons are crafted by hand, and each bears the individual stamp of the restaurant, folded and tucked into unique shapes and pouches.

For some, triangle folds are creased into perfect crisp isosceles, a neat appearance that lets the filling hit every bite. Wontons with envelope folds can be whipped up by employees quickly and simply, creating the style of pocket popularized by Leeann Chin. Chef Jessi Peine of Peeps Hot Box food truck grew up working in a Chinese restaurant, making cream cheese wontons every shift.

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Since the food truck is seasonal, people will come by and tell me they waited all winter for the wontons. They kept telling me they were the best wontons ever, so we finally just wrote it on the truck. Camdi, a Vietnamese restaurant on the U of M campus, even has a vegan cream cheese wonton that mirrors the richness and softness of cream cheese with a finely spiced filling.

Rainbow Chinese Alma Guzman. What may be the pinnacle of wontons can be found at Rainbow Chinese Restaurant and Bar, helmed by chef Tammy Wong, who stresses the amount of care and labor that goes into the seemingly simple dish.

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Not everyone can We had someone, and once they left they were very difficult to replace. Wong notes that the dough is very delicate, requiring skilled hands and a chunk of prep time daily. Their preparation needs to be consistent: not too doughy, not too wet, with a good ratio of cheese.

All this effort pays off in Rainbow producing one of the most refined cream cheese wontons in the Twin Cities—perfectly folded with a thick, uniform filling. Somehow, though most fried things lose their charm once the steam heat dissipates, these wontons remain crunchy. The real star wontons are those that have been fried to perfection. Watch Franken speak, throw shade at Trump. Gillibrand: I think Franken should go. Kamala Harris calls on Franken to resign.

Army vet accuses Franken of groping. Franken: I am tremendously sorry. Franken embarrassed over groping allegations.


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Durbin: Al Franken acknowledged he was wrong. Woman says Franken inappropriately touched her. Franken accuser gets emotional. Al Franken accused of groping, forced kiss.

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Al Franken accuser blames our culture. Franken referenced accuser in Franken accuser: Ethics committee not enough. A couple months ago, I felt that we had entered an important moment in the history of this country.

We were finally beginning to listen to women about the ways in which men's actions affect them. The moment was long overdue. I was excited for that conversation and hopeful that it would result in real change that made life better for women all across the country and in every part of our society. Then the conversation turned to me. Over the last few weeks, a number of women have come forward to talk about how they felt my actions had affected them. I was shocked. I was upset. But in responding to their claims, I also wanted to be respectful of that broader conversation.

Because all women deserve to be heard and their experiences taken seriously. I think that was the right thing to do. I also think it gave some people the false impression that I was admitting to doing things that in fact I haven't done. Some of the allegations against me are simply not true. Others I remember very differently. I said at the outset that the ethics committee was the right venue for these allegations to be heard and investigated and evaluated on their merits.

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That I was prepared to cooperate fully and that I was confident in the outcome. You know, an important part of the conversation we have been having the last few months has been about how men abuse their power and privilege to hurt women. I am proud that during my time in the Senate, I have used my power to be a champion of women. And that I have earned a reputation as someone who respects the women I work alongside every day.

I know there is a different picture of me painted over the last few weeks, but I know who I really am. Serving in the United States Senate has been the great honor of my life. I know in my heart that nothing I have done as a senator, nothing has brought dishonor on this institution.

I am confident that the ethics committee would agree. Nevertheless, today I am announcing that in the coming weeks I will be resigning as member of the United States Senate. I, of all people, am aware that there is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of the sexual assault sits in the Oval Office and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party.

But this decision is not about me. It's about the people of Minnesota. It's become clear that I can't both pursue the Ethics Committee process and at the same time remain an effective senator for them. Let me be clear. I may be resigning my seat, but I am not giving up my voice. I will continue to stand up for the things I believe in as a citizen and as an activist. But Minnesotans deserve a senator who can focus with all her energy on addressing the challenges they face every day. There is a big part of me that will always regret having to walk away from this job with so much work left to be done.